Front cover of Outlaws And Their Ballads

Outlaws And Their Ballads

Everyone knew them. There isn't a resident of the sleepy, Depression-era backwater of Saint-Baptiste who doesn't have a story to tell about Cammie Roux and Lloyd Cannon - their wild, romantic outlaw life, and its grisly ending.

It's just that no two stories are alike.

By turns hot-blooded and sweet, glamorous and down-to-earth, well-mannered and brutal, the murderous couple soon figure as lyrics in the Louisiana town's all-consuming Ballad of Cammie and Lloyd. But as the outlaws pass from anecdote into legend, are they an incident in Saint-Baptiste’s story, or is it the other way around?

Outlaws and Their Ballads is a haunting tale of crime and passion, guilt and remembrance, the uncertainty of memory and the elusiveness of truth.

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