Front cover of Judas of Memphis

Judas of Memphis

Out of Egypt I have called my son….

For 2000 years he has wandered the earth, seeking redemption. 2000 years of loneliness and disappointment. And now, at long last, his time has come.

Unto him is given a child - Jesse Garon Presley, twin brother of Elvis, whom the whole world believes to have died, a stillborn, on a cold and gray January night in 1935.

Only one man knows that Jesse's grave in the potter’s field is empty: Jesus’s twin brother, Judas Iscariot.

For Judas, surely, Depression-era Mississippi is his own Promised Land: steeped in Scripture and studded with the names of his childhood - Jericho, Cairo, Bethlehem, and Memphis.

Judas has a new hope to replace the one he lost all those years ago, when he was forced to consign his own brother to the cross. Perhaps, after all his years of exile, Judas Iscariot has finally been given a second chance.

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