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Nick de Blegny Publishing specialises in quirky literary titles, and children's fantasy. Our books are available in Kindle format from Amazon, and in physical form from good bookshops everywhere. Check out the links to the individual book pages under 'BOOKS' above.

Recent Releases:

Front cover of Pop Death

Pop Death


Once upon a time, Andy Warhol promised them they'd be famous. They were his superstars: hapless nobodies with names like Scott Tissue, Bob Noxious, Aqua Velveteen, Ingmara Bergperson. They had their fifteen minutes – and faded back into oblivion. Now, one by one, they're starting to die.....

Back in the 1960s Dan Does was a superstar, working away on his Trip Book,  a phantasmagorical mishmash of forms – from faxes and photos to memos, memoirs, and TV scripts. Then his rival Joe Democracy was murdered, and Dan Does dropped out of sight, an apparent suicide. 

Twenty-five years later Christian TV executive Daniel Dunne's past life is finally catching up with him..... Somewhere out there a killer is closing in on Dan. A killer intent on completing Dan's trip book, and creating his own grisly work of art – a collaborative piece for 13 victims. And Dan's been allotted a starring role.

Front cover of Bound With Skin

The Fairy Rescue League 3: The Little People

Life at Ellwin Hall used to be easy. There was just mum, dad and me – Adam. And Hobin, of course. He’s our resident boggart – the last of the fairies. Or that’s what we thought.

Then I went and rescued Holly, a starving brownie. One thing led to another, and now we have more fairies than we know what to do with. And it’s like they want to get me in trouble. Dad’s put his foot down. The Fairy Rescue League is out of business. Sophie, Ginger and I are not to rescue any more fairies – or else.

But nobody’s told the fairies that…

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