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Nick de Blegny Publishing specialises in quirky literary titles, and children's fantasy. Our books are available in Kindle format from Amazon, and in physical form from good bookshops everywhere. Check out the links to the individual book pages under 'BOOKS' above.

Recent Releases:

Front cover of Outlaws And Their Ballads

Outlaws and Their Ballads

Everyone knew them. There isn't a resident of the sleepy, Depression-era backwater of Saint-Baptiste who doesn't have a story to tell about Cammie Roux and Lloyd Cannon - their wild, romantic outlaw life, and its grisly ending.

It's just that no two stories are alike...

Outlaws and Their Ballads is a haunting tale of crime and passion, guilt and remembrance, the uncertainty of memory and the elusiveness of truth.

Front cover of Bound With Skin

Bound With Skin

“Changelings are made in Faerie from earth, water, fire and air, bound with skin. Made to be used and abandoned. Made so faeries can steal a human baby – and without a care in the world for the changeling they leave behind…”

There is a terrible price that must be paid by those born of the union between mortal man and immortal faerie. It is a price that sends 14 year old Tom on a dark journey in search of meaning, a soul, and escape from the dreadful inevitability of death.

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Nick de Blegny Publishing is based in Beverly Farms, MA.