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Nick de Blegny Publishing specialises in quirky literary titles, and children's fantasy. Our books are available in Kindle format from Amazon, and in physical form from good bookshops everywhere. Check out the links to the individual book pages under 'BOOKS' above.

Recent Releases:

Front cover of Judas of Memphis

Judas of Memphis

What if Elvis Presley's twin brother Jesse didn't die one January night in 1935, but was instead entrusted to the care of a lonely wanderer - a man who, stumbling into Depression-era Mississippi, embraced it as a second promised land. Studded with the names of his childhood - Jericho, Cairo, Bethlehem, and Memphis - it is a land steeped in belief, a land which offers him a new hope to replace the one he lost all those years ago, when he was forced to consign his own brother to the cross. Perhaps, after all his years of exile, Judas Iscariot - Jesus's twin brother - has finally been given a second chance....

Judas of Memphis is a story of faith, fate, and redemption, of sibling rivalry and paternal love, and a bold re-imagining of familiar legends both ancient and American.

Front cover of The Fairy Rescue League 2: The Wildwood

Fairy Rescue League 2: The Wildwood

Adam Ellwin is doing Hard Time: Solitary Confinement with Hard Labor. Three days ago, the Brown Man went crazy and tried to kill everyone. Adam's been grounded ever since. With any luck, he'll be free again by the end of today - but for how long?

It's hard to stay out of trouble when there are fairies in the house, especially when one's a mischievous boggart like Hobin, and the other's Holly - a baking-obsessed brownie with a stubborn streak a mile wide. Even the garden isn't safe - Granny Goggie's out there, prowling around in a bad mood. Dad's cut off her scrumpy supply, and she ís dangerously sober.

The Wildwood is the second book of the Fairy Rescue League, a children's fantasy series for 9-12 year olds.

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